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Chevrolet is a brand of General Motors, one of America’s most iconic auto manufacturers . The Chevrolet organization deals with wide range of automobiles that vary between subcompact cars and medium-duty American trucks. The Chevrolet brand was founded in 1911 by Louis Chevrolet, the car race driver and William C. Durant, the founder of General Motors. Currently Chevrolet deals with sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, trucks and crossovers. Chevrolet is commonly referred to as Chevy. “Bowtie Emblem” logo is the most popular logo of Chevrolet and the logo was first used in the year 1913.

Chevrolet History

The Chevrolet brand was first founded in 1917 and in 1920 itself it became GM’s ‘highest selling brand’, notably it remains so unto this day. Full range of automobiles from Chevrolet were mostly seen in North America. Between 1917 and 1918, Chevrolet and Durant majorly focused on brand building and introduced great models of automobiles such as the four-passenger V8 roadster, five passenger Tourer models and the legendary Model D. However, during that period most of the cars had low compression flat head engines with three speed transmissions.

Between the 1950s and 1960s, Chevrolet held a major position in the American automobile market. The two most notable things of this era are, - in 1957, Chevrolet made the first fuel injected engine, and in the year 1963, one out of every ten cars in the United State of America was a Chevrolet.

The Chevrolet small-block V-8 debuted in 1955. This engine was very successful and hence was constantly produced in large numbers since then. Chevrolet spread its operations worldwide. Apart from the United States, Chevrolet landed its operation in various countries like Mexico, South Africa, India, Japan, Middle East, Pakistan, Russia, South Korea, Thailand, Australia, Europe, South America, Brazil, Chile, Trinidad and Tobago, Argentina and Colombia.

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