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Rent Vehicles

The rental section allows users to book vehicles they wish to rent. A form has been provided which allows the users to fill every detail of the rental transaction. The form is a necessary document because it helps us to accurately gauge the authenticity of your rental purposes. It also serves as a crucial document later which helps us verify every detail pertaining to the rental service. Likewise it also makes it very easy to bill you based upon the information provided. We require the users fill this section carefully, providing the details clearly as possible, so that there are no repeated follow ups which can hamper the smoothness of the service and create more hassles for you later on.

We require the users to book with us or send us their queries in advance, at least 2 days before the actual date of renting. During this time we can check the availability and or condition of the vehicles. will also be involved in interchange of verbal or written information after receiving your request in order to verify and process the transaction in accordance with your requirements.

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